Top Schools and Distinguished Inner Loop Living with a Homey Atmosphere and Strong Community Feel.

Named for its proximity to Rice University, West University Place was established as a small residential town in 1911 by A.D. Foreman. It is one of the most coveted pockets of Houston to live in, offering residents the best of everything in Houston: top-rated schools, short commutes to world-class shopping and dining, proximity to the most popular attractions, and a unique blend of first-class homes and friendly neighbors that create a cozy feel in a big city.
In 1939, West University Place opted against consolidating with the City of Houston and has continued as an independent municipality whose city services, parks, police, pool, and community events are unparalleled. Unlike Houston, which has no zoning laws, West U has maintained its strict code that protects residents from industrial development and requires 40 percent of every lot to be open space. Its strong sense of community engagement and involvement is alive and well today. You will find neighbors and families walking or biking to school, local parks, or meeting up at a quaint West U eatery just a couple of blocks down the road. And because the best schools and amenities are right at their fingertips, residents rarely have to drive more than five to ten minutes to get to their destination.